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Technology Diffusion and Reimbursement

LTR is comprised entirely of industry insiders. We understand physician preferences, patient behaviors, and the third parties that regulate technology supply and demand. We are quantitative and analytic in our approaches to market adoption, supplementing financial forecasting with formal epidemiologic and cost-effectiveness modeling. We combine this approach with a highly qualified perspective of macro-policy in healthcare. The result is a vision of market evolution before it occurs.

Health and Economic Profit

The return on investment for successfully commercialized technologies can be dramatic - improving the clinical outcomes of patients and the lives of their families. Economic profit is an additional product of valued innovation and smart investment decisions. Within the complex life sciences industry, profit maximization requires both strong technical expertise and superior business intelligence. Members and partners of the LifeTech Research team possess these attributes, which help our clients realize optimal portfolio returns. These returns reward risk-taking, stimulate new partnerships, and enable the planting of new seeds of innovation.

Fueling the Engine

LifeTech Research is a unique provider of investment due-diligence research and business development services across the entire life sciences sector. We service a diversified, but select clientele, including leading portfolio managers, buy-side analysts, investment banks, and private equity and venture capital firms. We advise business development offices on product licensing and acquisitions strategies. We support early stage entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas and technologies. We assist international financing agencies to facilitate the granting and lending of capital to improve economic welfare and societal health.

Regardless of client served, our focus is clear: to provide evidence-based, highly unbiased, and actionable insights within the life sciences industry.


Idea conception is the essential seed of a great new technology. LTR works with entrepreneurs and private start-ups at the earliest stages of product development. We evaluate market opportunities, and competitive and positional profiles; perform demand and financial forecasting; and calculate regulatory, clinical development, and reimbursement risks. The result is a comprehensive, objective “go” versus “no go” recommendation.

Platform Development

LTR is passionate about fostering unique innovation, assisting entrepreneurs that possess important ideas and technologies that can change their fields. Their technologies are novel, with the potential to dramatically improve health or the healthcare system. On a selective basis, we assist entrepreneurs or early stage private companies with business and clinical product development, management support, team and network building, and strategic and financial advisory services.

Technology Validation

Product pipeline analysis is a core competency of LTR. We leverage our own past experiences as FDA and pharma scientists with the broad expertise of our regulatory colleagues, accessible through our well-established collaborations. We are authorities of FDA regulatory policies and procedures, clinical trial design, product safety, and product efficacy. This knowledge translates into an intimate awareness of testing requirements, and data validity and quality of drugs, biologics, and medical devices - key factors influencing the investment value of new technology.